What you should know about Research Pitching Competition 2019

No matter if you are a biologist or artist researcher, we are calling for all postdoc researchers from all fields of research with wild ideas. Here are the main features of Research Pitching Competition in 2019.

torill kornfeldt

Research Pitching Competition by Slush and Skolar is meant for postdocs with bold ideas from all fields of research and from all around the world. All finalists receive a free communications bootcamp and one finalist wins the 100 000 euro Skolar Award that she/he may freely use to advance the proposed idea. The 100 000 euros is enough to pay for almost two years of salary. 

The competition is produced in collaboration with Slush, the leading startup conference in the world and the prize is jointly funded by nine Finnish research foundations: Foundation for Economic Education, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation, The Paulo Foundation, Runar Bäckström Foundation, Saastamoinen Foundation, Society for scientific information, Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation and Walter Ahlström Foundation.

Here are the five main features of the competition in 2019: 

Wild, out-of-the-box research ideas! 

This competition is not about playing it safe. Instead, we encourage ideas that might seem a bit wild and risky. What matters is that YOU believe in the idea and its potential to create an impact in the world. The wilder the better. 

ALL research ideas should be pitched – that goes for the arts as well!

Last year we saw an increase in applications coming from the humanities and arts. This year we wish to see even more arts in our applications! This competition is open to ideas from all fields of research as well as interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary ideas. So whether you are an engineer, life scientist, language researcher, artist researcher, social scientist, agricultural scientist, mathematician or so interdisciplinary that you cannot be defined – go wild and apply!

Skolar alumni help you get to the finals

This year our pre-jury will include finalists from the previous years of the competition. This means that people who have been a part of the Skolar experience will be deciding (together with six other academics) which applications proceed to the final jury. They really know what is expected of you and are brave enough to think big.


Even more training for the 8 finalists joining us in Helsinki. 

We do not expect our applicants to have any pitching experience when attending. Instead, we teach you how to do it. One of the main features of this experience is the 4-day bootcamp prior to the finals, hosted at Skolar house, a beautiful villa in seaside Helsinki. At this training house, our finalists will receive all they need for the finals on the 22nd November. This means four days of intense training with science communications pros to further develop your skills on pitching, performing, media and social media. This year we will feature new training on entrepreneurship as well. 

Stage training with Kaisa Osola at the Skolar House


Having a good time is one of Skolar values and that applies to Research Pitching Competition and all actions around it. Get to know brilliant other postdocs, create lifelong friendships and see yourself shine on stage like never before. This training will teach you how to persuade just about anyone with your research idea. And how to have fun while doing it 😉.