This is what Research Pitching Competition 2018 was all about!

An amazing group of brilliant researchers, a week of intense science communications training, and a grand finale of 8 pitches that blew your mind away. See the photos and learn who made all this possible.


What happens when you put eight researchers under one roof for four days and then take them on Slush stage to pitch their research ideas?

Research Pitching Competition 2018 was full of intensity and companionship. The week consisted of pitching training, stage training, media coaching, networking training, interviews with journalists, yoga, sauna and pitching in front of different audiences. And of course the grand Research Pitching finale at Slush.

Big thanks for the week go to everyone who was a part of making this happen. The Kaskas Media team in charge of the concept, the Slush team for making the competition a reality, our funding partners for supporting Competition finalists become science communication superstars and the academic jury for spending their time on evaluating all the brilliant ideas.

We also like to that the sponsors that made the Research Pitching Competition Experience in Helsinki one to remember. Thank you Hotel Finn for making sure our finalists have hotel-quality sleep at the Skolar House. Thank you Coca-Cola and Bonaqua for helping our finalists stay refreshed during all the trainings at the house. Thank you Skyr for providing our hard-working researchers some quality breakfast in the morning.

Also, the Skolar Team would like to thank our clothing sponsor, Finnish R/H for making sure we look great on stage. Thank you Finnish shoe brand FINSK for helping our hostess Aurora Airaskorpi stand high and tall on the Slush stage during the grand finale.

See the photos from the week below.

Read more about our brilliant finalists here and about the winner of the 100 000 euro prize Sandra Jernström here. Watch the finale from the Pink Stage stream here, starting from 4:07.