This is how we choose the winner

Skolar Award is hungry for applicants from all fields of research. No matter whether your expertise is on astrophysics, art, biochemistry, medicine, mathematics, engineering, culture, language, nature, media, or anything else, all postdocs at the beginning of their careers are welcome to apply. Read the criteria.


Skolar Award aims to find research ideas that show courage and new thinking and that are linked to this day and age. Together with the Skolar coaches you will grind your research idea into a pitch perfect.

The competition is open to postdoctoral researchers at the beginning of their careers (maximum 5 years since completion of PhD).

Here’s the complete list of criteria that our jury will use when choosing the winner:

Impact – Why is this research idea important right now?

A good idea gives context and creates a sense of urgency. Who does this idea affect in particular? Why would it be important to increase understanding of the subject right at this moment?

Novelty – What is new about this research idea?

Skolar Award focuses on supporting ideas that are fresh and new. What is new about this research idea? The ideas submitted to Skolar Award should be at the first stages of their research. We are not looking for ready-for-market prototypes or research ideas that have already been worked on for years.  

Scientific courage – What is intriguing about the research idea?

This competition is meant for ambitious ideas. What is intriguing, unique and unprecedented about this research proposal?

Academic excellence – Is the idea significant for the advancement of research?

Does this idea have the potential to benefit fellow researchers? How is this idea backed up by former research? How does this idea relate to other research done in this field(s)?

Clarity – How impressive is the pitch?

An impressive pitch manages to condense the idea into a stimulating presentation of three minutes. The presentation is understandable for both, the scientific jury and the audience consisting of people from various backgrounds. A successful pitch presentation provokes curiosity and motivates people to ask more.

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