Meet the final jury of Research Pitching Competition 2019

Here are the six academic superstars who will choose the eight finalists and the winner of the €100K Skolar Award. The final jury is looking for bold ideas and sharp pitches – and hopes the competition will boost the confidence of postdoc researchers.

Jury 2019

Gianni Angelini

Gianni Angelini is a  British Heart Foundation professor of cardiac surgery and director of the  Bristol Heart Institute, and Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Over the last twenty years Angelini has been at the forefront of the cardiac surgery community worldwide.

Angelini is thrilled to be a part of the final jury. "It's exciting to hear innovative proposals from early stage researchers", he says.

Kari Enqvist

Kari Enqvist is a professor of cosmology who recently retired from the University of Helsinki. He is one of the most famous science communicators in Finland and has written several books and is known for popularizing natural science. 

Enqvist sees the competition as a way to boost early-stage researchers’ self confidence. "Researchers  are often afraid they will say something wrong. The fear of mistakes makes them communicate in a complex and unclear way.”

Enqvist is also a regular guest in TV-shows and panels, explaining science understandably to all audiences. He thinks it's important researchers are present on many different arenas in the society.

"Communicating science and research brings it to life. It reminds us that science is a solid part of modern society and that researchers are not experts of one niche, but rather,  ambassadors of rational and critical thinking.”

Juho Hamari

Juho Hamari is a professor of gamification and the leader of the Gamification Group at Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Tampere University. Hamari's research covers several research areas where technology, economics, psychology and games meet such as gamification, mixed reality, electronic sports, sharing economy, crowdsourcing and virtual economies. His interdisciplinary approach suits well Research Pitching Competition, which is open to all fields of research.

He sees Research Pitching Competition as a great opportunity for all the eight finalists to grow and develop even though only one is awarded as the winner.

"Fundamentally I do not believe in disciplines. Let the research or the data, methods, creativity and the impact of the research speak for themselves!”

Elizabeth Jochum

Elizabeth Jochum is an associate professor in the Research Laboratory for Art and Technology, Department of Communication & Psychology at Aalborg University, Denmark. She sees Research Pitching Competition as a valuable science communication and pitching training for researchers.

"Many early-career researchers do not have this kind of training, which is essential for generating enthusiasm and momentum for research", Jochum says.

"Research Pitching Competition fills this need and provides young researchers with valuable training and the opportunity to consider the wider impact and relevance of their work.”

Helena Kahiluoto

Helena Kahiluoto is a professor of sustainability science at Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT and she was in fact the first professor of sustainability science in Finland. She is working with solutions enabling sustainability transformations with a focus on resilience, fairness and circular economy from local to global scales.

Kahiluoto thinks the skill of pitching is essential for a researcher.

"Being brief means being clear. Pitching requires fundamental understanding of the idea, there is no possibility to hide behind complex words and phrases", she says.

Lihui Wang

Lihui Wang is a professor and chair of sustainable manufacturing at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sweden. His research interests are presently focused on real-time monitoring and control, human-robot collaboration, distributed process planning, cloud manufacturing, cyber-physical and sustainable production systems.

He is already looking forward to hearing new and ambitious ideas.

"This competition is a unique opportunity to see brilliant young researchers pitch their bold research ideas! I hope this experience will give the contestants more confidence to plan their careers", Wang says.

Read more about our final jury here. Research Pitching Competition by Slush & Skolar finale 22nd November at Slush.