The final jury of Research Pitching Competition 2019 is here!

May we introduce the six academic superstars joining our stage jury to choose the eight finalists and the winner of the €100K Skolar Award.


This group of academic experts will choose the 8 finalists of Research Pitching Competition, as well as decide the winner of €100K Skolar Award at Slush on Nov 22nd.

Gianni Angelini is a British Heart Foundation professor of cardiac surgery and director of the Bristol Heart Institute, and Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Over the last twenty years Angelini has been at the forefront of the cardiac surgery community worldwide. Angelini’s main research interests are in the area of saphenous vein bypass graft failure, myocardial protection, blood conservation, coronary artery bypass surgery on the beating heart and arterial revascularisation.

Kari Enqvist is a professor of cosmology who recently retired from the University of Helsinki. He is one of the most famous science communicators in Finland and has written several books popularizing natural science. Enqvist is also a regular guest in TV-shows and panels, explaining science understandably to all audiences. Enqvist has carried out research on cosmology in several organisations, for example CERN, Geneva. 

Juho Hamari is a professor of gamification and the leader of the Gamification Group at Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Tampere University. Dr. Hamari’s and his research group’s research covers several research areas where technology, economics, psychology and games meet such as gamification, mixed reality, electronic sports, sharing economy, crowdsourcing and virtual economies. His research has been featured on the lists of most notable articles in computer science by the ACM and IEEE and he has received several awards for the prodigiousness of his scholarly productivity and quality. For example, he has been named “Young Researcher of The Year” by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion. 

Elizabeth Jochum is an associate professor in the Research Laboratory for Art and Technology, Department of Communication & Psychology at Aalborg University (Denmark). Dr. Jochum is the Co-Founder of Robots, Art, People & Performance (RAPP) Lab and the Robot Culture and Aesthetics (ROCA) research group, and a member of Aalborg U Robotics. She is a Topics Editor for Frontiers In The Art of Human-Robot Interaction: Creative Perspectives from Design and the Arts, and serves on the editorial board of Global Performance Studies. Dr. Jochum is a faculty member of the ERASMUS European Masters of Excellence Program in Media Arts Cultures. In 2019 she was named teacher of the year at the Faculty of Humanities at AAU.

Helena Kahiluoto is a professor of sustainability science at Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT and she was in fact the first professor in sustainability science in Finland. She is working with solutions enabling sustainability transformations with a focus on resilience, fairness and circular economy from local to global scales. She leads, for example, research on leverages to future sustainable food systems and on fair incentives to citizens’ mobility transitions. Kahiluoto has led scientific papers in publications such as PNAS, Environmental Research Letters, Nature Climate Change, Global Food Security. 

Lihui Wang is a professor and chair of sustainable manufacturing at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sweden. His research work has won numerous Best Paper Awards and he is also an eight-time winner of NRC Institute Awards. Wang is also the chairman of Swedish Production Academy. His research interests are presently focused on real-time monitoring and control, human-robot collaboration, distributed process planning, cloud manufacturing, cyber-physical and sustainable production systems. 

Get to know our preliminary jury here. Research Pitching Competition by Slush & Skolar finale 22nd November at Slush.