Meet the Skolarists

Skolarists are researchers with ambitious ideas. They come from all over the world and represent all disciplines. Skolarists have the skills to pitch their work to anyone and in just 3 minutes. These researchers have been selected and verified by an academic jury and trained by Kaskas Media's science communications professionals.


Foivos Perakis wants to secure safe and clean water in the Nordics with cryo-desalination


Climate change creates challenges for ensuring safe water even in the Nordics. Research Pitching Competition 2018 finalist Foivos Perakis wants to explore how salt and water separate at the molecular level to generate freshwater from frozen seawater.

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Ville Pihlajaniemi wants to turn wood into food


Research Pitching Competition 2018 finalist Ville Pihlajaniemi from VTT Technical Research Center of Finland thinks cellulosic sugar could be one solution to the food crisis our planet is inevitably facing in the future.

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“Sell the science, not the hype”


Although pitching is most often done in startup circles, it works just as well for scientific purposes, too. Skolar alumnus Janne Hakkarainen advises future applicants to not forget the science in their pitch, but most importantly, to have fun – a mantra he also follows in his career.

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“Be clear on what is important about what you do”


Research pitches should focus on the most important aspect of the research, believes Skolar alumni Ivana Trapani. Even the complex research topic of genetic engineering can be understood if it’s narrowed down to its key elements.

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Research Pitching Competition winner 2017 and PostNord will collaborate to collect water samples from around Sweden


Earlier this year, Johan Seijsing, Skolar Award winner spoke of his wishes to engage the Swedish public in his research on antibiotic resistance. Now the Swedish postal service PostNord has agreed to help him.

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“Postdocs are massive energy reserves for the academic community”


Researchers in the beginning of their careers are extraordinarily productive and have unparalleled scientific freedom. Last year’s Skolar Award finalist Tommi Himberg thinks that’s exactly why providing funding for postdocs really pays off.

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Johan Seijsing has gone wild!


We met with Skolar Award 2017 winner Johan Seijsing in Stockholm and heard about his ambitious goals for the future.

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Research Pitching Competition 2017 winner shares his story


Taking a leap of faith, making it through insecurity, facing nervousness, rehearsing, rehearsing… Competition winner from 2017 Johan Seijsing shares his experience.

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Watch the final research pitches of 2017


Wondering what it’s like to pitch your research idea at the Slush stage? Here are all the amazing pitches by Research Pitching Competition 2017 finalists!

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Meet the winner of 2017: Johan Seijsing


Johan Seijsing’s groundbreaking research digs into tackling antibiotic resistence with enzymes. He proposes to use enzymes found in nature as a novel treatment against bacterial infections. Let’s give a round of applause to the winner!

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Meet the Research Pitching Competition 2017 finalists


From mitigating climate change to curing cancer, here are the ten ambitious research proposals that proceeded to the Research Pitching Competition finale in 2017.

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How Research Pitching Competition helped a postdoc land massive research funding


Skolar alumnus Juha Koivisto recently received a quarter million euro research grant – and his experience at Slush played an important role in bagging it.

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Research Pitching Competition winner Virpi Virjamo: Being a postdoc is a dream job and an uncertain rollercoaster


Skolar Award 2016 gave Virpi Virjamo a boost of confidence and made her realize the importance of her work during a time when research funding is difficult to obtain.

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“The experience will be very different from your ordinary work day.”

Johan Seijsing, Research Pitching Competition 2017 winner