Watch the final research of 2017

Wondering what it’s like to pitch your research idea at the Slush stage? Here are all the amazing pitches of Research Pitching Competition 2017!

Johan Seijsing wanted to solve the antibiotic resistance problem by developing enzyme-based drugs that attack the bacterial cell wall from the outside.

Janne Hakkarainen used his mathematical formula combined with satellite data to search where greenhouse gases are produced.

Ivana Trapani wished to cure Stargardt disease that causes partial blindness by correcting the gene mutation that causes it.

Tommi Himberg invented a tool for schools to study and improve social interaction and creativity through dance and improvisational games.

Anand Tatikonda wanted to make the recycling of electronic waste more efficient by using bacteria to digest it.

Olli Kärkkäinen created a health profiling method for identifying underage drinkers that are at high risk of developing alcohol-related problems.

Muhammad Ammad-uddin invented an AI based solution that helps doctors choose the right personalized treatment for their cancer patients

Svante Henriksson aimed to reduce the intensity of hurricanes with artificially created turbulence and the help of computer simulations.

Anne Stöckl wanted to understand human brain networks better by studying the activity and interaction of four single neurons in high detail.

Martti Kaasalainen developed plaster-like silicon nanoneedles that make the way diabetics take their insulin less painful.