Research pitching

Here are our thoughts on how and why researchers and scientists should pitch their ideas. If you want to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us at

How to perform research pitch?

Pitching ABC video trainings for researchers


Pitching ABC video trainings are designed specifically for researchers to help you take your pitching and presenting skills to the next level.

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Interdisciplinary Skolar 2019

Interdisciplinary ideas can and should be pitched. Here’s why.


Interdisciplinary ideas may be the best approach to the big challenges of our time. Two Skolarists tell why they chose to pitch ideas that involved collaboration across scientific borders.

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Art research

Artistic researchers, let’s hear your ideas!


We asked two esteemed experts to reflect on why artistic research matters – and why you should pitch it.

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Humanities research

Why should humanities research be pitched?


We asked a few well-respected humanities researchers to share their views on why their academic field should be better represented at big stages.

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5 tips for pitching your research idea


Keep your pitch compact and present it with confidence, says Skolar Award 2016 winner Virpi Virjamo.

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Skolar Award Stockholm

Why pitch? Postdocs in Stockholm share their thoughts


We went to Sweden to meet with young researchers. Postdocs in Stockholm think pitching is a skill worth having.

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“Professional tutoring, great team spirit, prize worth of trying, and very rewarding way to apply for funding.”

Martti Kaasalainen, Research Pitching Competition 2017 finalist