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Watch the final pitches of 2018


Witness the grand finale of Research Pitching Competition by Slush and Skolar and watch the pitches of these eight brilliant postdoctoral researchers. The finale was held at Slush on December 5th 2018.

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This is what Research Pitching Competition 2018 was all about!


An amazing group of brilliant researchers, a week of intense science communications training, and a grand finale of 8 pitches that blew your mind away. See the photos and learn who made all this possible.

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Introducing the Skolar House


This year Skolar Award is proud to introduce something completely new. The Skolar House. This is where our eight finalists will stay and get ready for their big pitch at Slush on the 5th of December.

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“If there were easy win-win solutions, they’d already be in use”


Forest economics professor and Skolar Award judge Anne Toppinen approaches everything from a sustainability point of view: people, business, the world at large. When our planet is at stake, research findings have to reach all levels of our society.

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“We have to be able to stomach complexity”


Skolar Award judge Jussi Parikka has carried out some out-of-the-box research ideas. Although initially many eyebrows were raised, eventually these ideas broke new ground.

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“I encourage those who go to directions that don’t exist yet”


Trying to explain cultural or psychological phenomena with scientific formulas is like asking someone to fly to the moon on a table, the artificial intelligence researcher and Skolar Award judge Timo Honkela says.

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“Eager young people are the best thing in science”


The creative and courageous cancer researcher sees the unknown as an opportunity. Sometimes the best things in science happen, when you abandon all prejudice, says Skolar Award judge Johanna Ivaska.

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“Taking risks is a way for breakthroughs”


Cosmologist Katherine Freese has done groundbreaking work both as an academic and as a trailblazer for women in physics. The important thing is to never get discouraged, says the Skolar Award judge.

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“Great ideas die without a champion”


Skolar Award competition is a great vehicle for promoting research as it offers postdocs a literal and a metaphorical stage for sharing their passion, says Skolar Award judge Miiri Kotche.

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The final jury of Research Pitching Competition is here!


This group of academic experts will choose the eight Skolar Award finalists, as well as decide the final winner of 100 000€ at Slush.

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Why should humanities research be pitched on stage at Slush?


Last year, only 3% of Skolar Award applications came from the humanities. That’s far too few! We asked a few well-respected humanities researchers to share their views on why their academic field should be better represented in Skolar Award.

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Watch all the Competition pitches at Slush 2017


Wondering what it’s like to pitch your research idea at the Slush stage? Here are all the amazing pitches by last year’s Skolar Award finalists! If you wish to join them, go wild and apply here.

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The Great Conflict – How to Rank Research Ideas?


How is it possible to compare proposals coming from different branches of science? Professor Anu Koivunen, a Skolar Award preliminary jury member, says it’s a tough task.

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Here is the preliminary jury of Research Pitching Competition by Slush and Skolar


These 12 academic superstars from different fields of research will review and rank the Skolar Award applications.

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FAQ about Research Pitching Competition by Slush and Skolar


Why is Skolar Award only for postdoctoral researchers? Can you apply with arts and humanities research? What can you do with the prize money? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Skolar Award.

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Skolar Award ideas

This is what Research Pitching Competition by Slush and Skolar 2018 is all about


Discussions on the postdoc’s role in society, multidiscplinary events throughout the year, a more communal Skolar Award experience. Read the guiding ideas behind Skolar Award 2018!

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Skolar Award Stockholm

Why to pitch? Postdocs in Stockholm share their thoughts


Skolar Award went to Sweden to meet with young researchers. Postdocs in Stockholm think pitching is a skill worth having.

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This is how we choose the winner


In our criteria we focus on courage, novelty, and communication of your research idea. Read the full criteria of Skolar Award.

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5 tips for pitching your research idea


Keep your pitch compact and present it with confidence, says Skolar Award 2016 winner Virpi Virjamo.

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5 facts about Research Pitching Competition by Slush and Skolar


A research pitching competition at a startup event? How’s that a thing? It’s time to bust some myths about Skolar Award at Slush.

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Timeline 2019

The talented young finalists will get together and prep for the finals during the months before Slush.
Check the important dates here:



Application period begins at noon (GMT+3)



Application period ends at noon (GMT+3)



Finalists will be revealed



Kickoff for finalists (live/video)



Individual coaching sessions (live/video)



Bootcamp and dress rehearsal in Helsinki



Research Pitching Competition final at Slush

“Professional tutoring, great team spirit, prize worth of trying, and very rewarding way to apply for funding.”

Martti Kaasalainen, Research Pitching Competition 2017 finalist