Relive the Skolar Award finals!


A huge crowd, an impressive stage and ten excellent pitches – let’s take a look at what happened during the Skolar Award 2017 finals at Slush.

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Catching up with the Skolar Award finalists


As Slush approaches, our ten finalists are dealing with feelings of excitement and, understandably, nervousness. Let’s find out how these bold researchers stay focused before the big day.

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Torill Kornfeldt explores the sci-fi of reviving species


When it comes to reviving extinct species, Skolar Award keynote speaker Torill Kornfeldt out-nerds you the blink of an eye. Her new book and Slush keynote explore the science of bringing species, such as mammoths, back from the dead with genetic technology.

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5 tips for pitching your research idea like a winner


Keep your pitch compact and present it with confidence, says Skolar Award 2016 winner Virpi Virjamo.

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How Skolar Award helped a postdoc land massive research funding


Skolar Award alumnus Juha Koivisto recently received a quarter million euro research grant – and his experience at Slush played an important role in bagging it.

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5 facts about Skolar Award


A research pitching competition at a startup event? How’s that a thing? It’s time to bust some myths about Skolar Award at Slush.

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Skolar Award winner Virpi Virjamo: Being a postdoc is a dream job and an uncertain rollercoaster


Skolar Award 2016 gave Virpi Virjamo a boost of confidence and made her realize the importance of her work during a time when research funding is difficult to obtain.

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Researchers, do yourselves a favor and attend Slush: Postdocs compete for a €100 000 grant for research


Slush 2017 promotes research and science like never before. It offers special passes for students and researchers, curated programme and a science pitching competition, where postdoc researchers step into the spotlight.

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