Meet the jury

We asked our judges what they think the researchers in their respective fields should dig into in the future. Here are their answers.

Sari Stenfors

Sari Stenfors is the Executive Director of the Augmented Leadership Institute in California.

“An interesting research topic now and in the future is “intelligence augmentation”. Instead of trying to replace ourselves with robots we should try to increase our own human intelligence.”

Seth Bannon is the founding partner of Fifty Years, a venture capital that aims to support companies that integrate social impact into their business models.

Skolar Award presents judge Seth Bannon, social entrepreneur and founding partner of Fifty Years VC.

Seth Bannon
Minna Martikainen

Minna Martikainen is a professor of financial accounting and dean for education at Hanken School of Economics. She’s currently a board member and the vice chair for the State Pension Fund of Finland and a board member in the Nordic Corporate Governance Network and Finance Risk and the Accounting Perspectives Network.

Interesting current and future research subjects are how Big Data and Blockchain affect economy and how economics are integrated into other branches of science.”

Markku Wilenius is a professor of future studies at the University of Turku.

“An extremely interesting phenomenon of the future is the rise of biomaterials. I think it’s an even bigger revolution than the one concerning electricity. We have to constantly move towards the use of recyclable and more sustainable materials.”

Markku Wilenius
Pirjo Hiidenmaa

Pirjo Hiidenmaa is a non-fiction writer and professor of non-fiction literature and writing at the University of Helsinki.

“I’d hope to see researchers dig further into the ‘KonMari method for the mind’: how to concentrate on the essentials and manage the constant flow of information. How to gain more information without spiraling into chaos?”

Risto Renkonen is the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki.

“My research focuses on among others malignant and degenerative diseases. One of the great challenges of the future in the field of medicine will be the bacterial resistance for antibiotic treatments.”

Risto Renkonen
Mari Lundström

Mari Lundström is a professor of hydrometallurgy and corrosion at Aalto University. She has a strong industrial background and steers a research group that specializes in the improved circular economy of metals.

“A hot research topic in metallurgy both now and in the future is tied to circular economy and sustainable development. How to improve the use and recycling of secondary raw materials, such as tailings, batteries and electronics waste like used mobile phones and computers?”

Vincenzo Cerullo is a tenure-track professor at the University of Helsinki and Head of the Drug Research program at the faculty of pharmacy. He’s also the founder of IVTLab, an interdisciplinary laboratory promoting cutting-edge research in immunology.

“In the future we should identify new technologies to rapidly identify tumor antigens, the substances that trigger an immune response in a person’s body, and create an ad hoc vaccine against the tumor. The existing tools should be combined with artificial intelligence to quickly direct the choice of treatment.”

Vincenzo Cerullo