Introducing the Skolar House

What an intriguing idea: 8 postdoc researchers competing for the €100K grand prize AND sharing a home during the race. Something that could be a total disaster has turned out as a brilliant and uniting experience. Welcome to the Skolar House!


Big windows, seaview and cozy rooms to have a good night sleep in. This is what the Research Pitching Competition finalists will be enjoying during their Skolar bootcamp in Helsinki in the end of November.

"This is a complete contrast to the neon lights and smokey startup environment at Slush. We wanted to create a place where the contestants can feel calm and take a break from all the excitement of the pitching and performing", says Aurora Airaskorpi, Head of Research Pitching Competition.

This unique atmosphere was found at Villa Salin in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. This beautiful villa is located right by the sea. This is a good way for the finalists coming from other countries to experience the Finnish nature.

The Skolar bootcamp is an intensive science communications camp

The week before the Research Pitching finale at Slush is an immersion to science communication for all the 8 finalists. During this week they will get personal coaching for pitching and performing as well as tips and tools for networking and social media.

"We see Research Pitching Competition as more than just a contest. It is an experience where researchers come together to learn crucial work-life skills that can carry much further than the finale", Aurora says.

The Skolar House will be the main venue for all the training. The trainings are hosted by science communications professionals from Kaskas Media as well as chosen guests.

"It was really awesome having a quiet, nice house to stay during this event. A hotel would not have served as well as this did to recharge and focus. There was a lot of space for everyone and the nature and sea around the house were so soothing and calming", describes one of the finalists of Research Pitching Competition 2018.