Hear it from a postdoc – last year’s finalists share their thoughts on Skolar Award

An experience to remember, awesome team spirit, learning to deal with extreme nervousness – Skolar Award offers lessons that can make you smile and shine long after the competition is over. Last year’s finalists give their review of Skolar Award.

Skolar Award finalists

Martti Kaasalainen: “I really liked the Skolar Award concept. Professional tutoring, great team spirit, prize worth of trying, and a very rewarding way to apply for funding. I have always been a very nervous presenter, but preparing the presentation properly in a supporting environment gave me a lot of confidence. I also got a lot of good feedback from colleagues and friends.”

Svante Henriksson: “Very special experience, nice team spirit. People were supporting each other despite it being a competition.”

Tommi Himberg: “Learning to compress my study into a simple 3-minute pitch was very helpful for my thinking. Usually as a scientists you almost try not to leave anything out – this was the total opposite. Later on, that pitch helped another school to come to contact with my research group. These skills have also been key in shaping our research project.”

Ivana Trapani: “It was good to face the shame of going public with my research.”

Janne Hakkarainen: “Something we can all remember, an experience. That was the best part. Also, I was interviewed in the Finnish morning television and still very many people have come to me and said they saw me on TV.”

Johan Seijsing: “I am more aware of what my slides look like. Also, going on the Slush stage is the most nerve-wracking experience you can have. It has made it easier to get on the stage afterwards.”