What is Skolar Award?

Launched in 2015 Skolar Award is the first science pitching competition for postdocs’ novel research proposals. Ambitious researchers compete for a 100 000 euro grant for advancing their groundbreaking research. Skolar Award culminates in the final pitching competition at Slush where each finalist presents their research idea in a three-minute pitch.

Skolar Award warmly welcomes all fields of research. You can apply as an individual researcher or as a member of a new research team.

Although only one finalist can win, all participants will get to network and develop their skills in science communication. So no fear, you won’t be getting on the stage without support! We will offer all the finalists communication training and all the guidance you might need along the way.

Why does Skolar Award exist?

Skolar Award promotes postdoc researchers’ innovative ideas and supports and spreads top-quality research. Postdocs have a hard time acquiring funding for their own ideas, especially the riskier ones.

Skolar Award was founded and developed during a time when research funding has been cut heavily in some parts of the world and the attitudes towards science have often been in turmoil. Skolar Award is a non-profit project that aims to add more impact to research and science.

Skolar Award is organized by…

… Helsinki-based science and research communications agency Kaskas Media in collaboration with Slush, the biggest startup event in the Nordics. The 100 000 euro grant is jointly funded by several Finnish foundations.

Skolar is a school for researchers founded by Kaskas Media. Skolar teaches researchers how to communicate their important work in an interesting way. When science is understandable, it is also effective.

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