Research Pitching finale at Slush

Research Pitching Competition by Slush & Skolar sets the stage for ambitious postdoctoral researchers. Eight academically verified finalists are given a pitching training that prepares them for a 3-minute pitch in front of a grand audience. The winner will receive 100 000 euros to advance the proposed research idea.

Finale 2019 at Slush

The finale of Research Pitching Competition by Slush & Skolar is held at Slush on the 22nd November at 13.00 at Quantum Stage. The winner of the 100 000 euro Skolar Award is announced at the end of the finale.

The finale is hosted by Head of Skolar Aurora Airaskorpi and atmospheric scientists & science communicator Stephany Mazon.

Though there’s only one winner for the 100 000 euro prize, all the finalists will receive a unique training that will help you pitch your research anywhere! You will get:

  • Free pitching training from communications professionals.
  • A world-class academic jury to review your work.
  • Feedback from the jury.
  • Inspiring coaching sessions and events to boost your confidence and networking skills during the Slush week in Helsinki.
  • A ticket to Slush for the day of the finals and a chance to network with investors.
  • Free accommodation and dinner with other finalists in Helsinki.
  • A community of likeminded researchers to last a lifetime.

Why does Research Pitching Competition exist?

We believe brilliant postdocs should get funding for their wild and ambitious ideas – not just for impressive CV's. The competition is a grant that aims to support research with an impact.

The Skolar team and Slush want to encourage researchers to show their brilliant ideas to the bigger audience and find new potential for collaboration within the sizzling Slush audience.

Timeline 2019

The talented young finalists will get together and prep for the finals during the months before Slush.
Check the important dates here:



Application period begins at noon (GMT+3)



Application period ends at noon (GMT+3)



Finalists will be revealed



Kickoff for finalists (live/video)



Individual coaching sessions (live/video)



Bootcamp and dress rehearsal in Helsinki



Research Pitching Competition final at Slush

Research Pitching Competition is organised by

Helsinki-based science communications community Skolar in collaboration with Slush, the biggest startup event in the Nordics.

The production of the competition as well as the 100 000 euro grant is jointly funded by research foundations. In 2019 our partners are Foundation for Economic Education, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, The Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation, The Paulo Foundation, The Runar Bäckström Foundation, Saastamoinen Foundation, Society for Scientific Infomation, Tiina & Antti Herlin Foundation and Walter Ahlström Foundation. Read more about the funding partners of 2019 on our partners page.

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Why postdocs?

The idea for a Research Pitching Competition was founded and developed during a time when European research funding has been cut heavily. Those cuts affect postdocs the most, because they are at the very start of their careers. The competition and it's €100K award grant aims to help postdoctoral researchers kickoff their careers and develop courage to explore ideas that are a bit outside the box.

“Research Pitching Competition was a very special experience with a nice team spirit.”

Svante Henriksson, Research Pitching Competition 2017 finalist